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These days, security shutters have become very popular in many homes and offices. This is in the wake to ensure you don’t take chances with your security as theft cases are on the rampant. Security shutters are mounted above windows and doors. They are usually rolled down to cover the door or window and rolled up to open the doors or windows.

With the rising cases of insecurity, security shutters should be a must have installation at your home. This would greatly help secure your home as 75% of break ins are made through the windows and doors. Securing these two openings would be a great stride in curbing the vice.

Security shutters are easy to operate. You only need to unlock it and then push it upwards to open the shutter. To close it, you pull it down and then relock it once again. With that done, you can be assured of the security of your house as it is very functional when it comes to keeping robbers off. With the digitalising of the world, security shutters have not been left technologically behind. Security shutters can be automated and controlled by use of a button. This means that you can close and open the doors and windows from the comfort of your seat.

Another major reason why you should consider installing security shutters at your home is due to their importance when it comes to matters of heat insulation. Security shutters are fully insulated. This means that they are capable of stopping 90% of heat from entering or leaving your house. Their effect is felt during summer as they play a key role of cooling your house. They are also good in stopping 70% of cold from entering or leaving your house. Apart from thermo insulation, security shutters prevent 50% of sound from leaving or getting into your home.

Security shutters are great importance when it comes to control of amount of light in your house. You can roll up or down to regulate the amount of light entering your house. Likewise, you can decide to roll up the shutters to allow for more ventilation, or roll them completely down to protect your privacy.

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