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Electrical License Number: PGE 145717 

Available 24 hours 7 days a week

Call: 0412 212 418 

We have been established nearly 8 years and have a total of 23 years industry experience. We are a family owed, family run company.

  • We are available 24 hrs 7 days
  • We run 2 fully equipped vehicles to attend to every need
  • We are able to repair any type of garage door or gate and we can automate with a conversion kit
  • We are qualified in the electrical industry so if any power points are needed to operate the automation, then we can fit these also

We are a family owned, family operated company established 7 years ago. In all we have a combined experience of about 24 years in the industry in both electrical and mechanical fields.

Our Reach

With our two primary locations covering all suburbs from Adelaide down to the Fleurieu Peninsula, we provide 24 hour emergency service across a wider range than any of our competitors.


All Doors & Electrical use well respected, Quality Manufacturers for all the Doors & Components we install.


Experience counts in our industry, and we listen to our clients needs and provide a solid solution which meets targets and budgets.
We are specialists in the supply and installation of all types of garage doors and remote control conversion. We also hold an electrical licence so if you need a sensor light or extra power point installed while we are there, we can provide!



We stock high quality Roller Doors, Tilting Garage Doors, Security Garage Grille Doors, and can supply Automated Actuator Gates for property entrances in any style, color and size.

Quality Roller Doors and Panel Lift Doors are available in a range of colours and styles for every purpose. We can supply colour swatches for matching existing colour schemes on replacements.

No need to call an extra electrical contractor – we hold full electrical licenses & qualifications for straight forward, quality installations from start to finish.

Roller Doors:

Your Garage Roller door not opening smoothly? Impacts from cars bumping into your Garage Door can dent the surface of the metal, preventing smooth rolling action when raising your door. Rust can collect around the roller action after many years in place, and this creates intolerable squealing when opening manual doors, and can prevent action or burn out drive motors on remote automated roller doors.

This may require a simple service, drive motor replacement, or entire door replacement – in any case we can help. With Colorbond steel roller doors to match your old door or repainted house colours, we can repair, replace and  install your brand new Garage Door.


Panel Lift Doors:

Add a distinguished look to your home with stylish lift-panel doors. These sectional lift-style garage doors made of high quality materials come with detail panels with relief that set your home apart from the rest. If youre looking to increase property value, these are the finishing touch.

All Lift panel doors can also be automated with a remote for convenience when parking your vehicle.

0412 212 418 for enquiries and Free Quotes!


All Doors & Electrical use respected, Quality Manufacturers for all supplied Doors & Components

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Installation of Automatic Gates with Remote

All Doors can install Automatic Gates for residential or commercial premises! Whether it’s your own castle or your commercial or industrial gate access, we can supply and install remote activated gates and security gates.

Automatic Gates can provide unsurpassed convenience – no need to jump out of your vehicle and wrestle with heavy gates while your car pokes out into the street. Simply press your remote on approaching your driveway, and as you pull up, your Automatic Gate is already opening, ready to drive in.

When combined with remote activated garage doors, this creates a system which provides not only convenience, but security – at night you can stay safe in your car until you reach your garage by remote for both your gate and garage roller door. Your remote actuated gates can automatically close behind you, securing your premises from opportunistic intruders while you get out safely inside your garage.

Servicing Existing Automatic Gates

Got an existing Gate that doesn’t slide smoothly? We bring qualified electrical expertise for service and repair of drive motors, slides and sensors on your remote activated gate system.

Retrofitting Swing or Slide style Gate Actuators

Retrofitted Automatic Gate Actuators onto existing barn-door style double gates.

Do you have a manually operated Gate that matches the style of your home or premises? Don’t want to replace it, but would love the convenience of Remote Activation?

We can retrofit and automate your existing gate system – available for both sliding gates and swinging barn-door gates. We supply and fit reliable remote sensors, slide drive motors & swing actuator solutions, using our qualified & licensed in-house electrical expertise. All Doors & Electrical will do it all for you – saving the hassle and risk of organising a second contractor!

Call today for a free, no-obligation quote on Installation, Service, or Retrofitting of Automated Gate access to your premises.

All Doors & Electrical can also service your security roller shutters. Own or maintain a commercial parking facility or shutter-secured retail storefront? We can provide 24-7 emergency response for all door maintenance or urgent repairs for jammed roller shutters, store security shutters or storage facility roller doors.



Quality Roller Shutters and grille style shutters are available in a range of colours and styles for every purpose. We can supply colour swatches for matching existing colour schemes on replacements.

We can install, replace and repair all security roller shutter systems and electrical components of motorised automatic roller shutters, and because we bring licensed electrical skills to your job, we save you the extra cost of callout fees for a separate electrical contractor! We do it all from start to finish.

All Doors & Electrical use respected, Quality Manufacturers for all supplied Doors & Components

Reasons Why You Should Buy Roller Doors for Your Space

Do you consider when buying roller doors for your home? Well, that is one of the best decisions that you could ever make. Roller doors come with many benefits, whether in a commercial setting or in a residential setting. They are more appropriate for the garage. What benefits do you get from buying a roller garage door? Firstly, you will save on costs and time. This is because they are versatile, will save your space and the energy efficient.

You will not have to worry about the weather changes after installing roller doors. This is because they are made out of aluminium, which will obviously stand many weather conditions. The inner layer is insulated against heat and cold. Still, the roller doors come in great designs and sizes. Therefore, it is possible to get a door that rhymes perfectly with your exteriors in a residential setting. They are also many amazing designs for the commercial buildings, which will help you get the appeal that you want to see in such areas.

The best thing with roller doors is that they are easy to install. This means that you could perform DIY after the purchases. Using a manufacturer’s manual, you will easily install these doors in any setting, which saves you on the costs of engaging a professional on the same. With the guarantee of durability and longevity, you will be happy paying any amount for such a door. Further, you will get a guarantee of security in your space after installing roller doors.

It is important that you engage a service provider who will help you to get the most reasonable prices for the door. One of the reputable companies in Australia that will help you in this regard is All Doors And Electrical . Contacting them will save the costs of searching for a good roller door for you. They are known to give the best prices all their consumers and discounts for the regular consumers. Further, they will give you a variety of designs that are more appropriate for your space.

By contacting All Doors And Electrical , you will have an assurance that your door is perfectly installed, and it is delivered in good time. Still, they offer a warranty for their products, which gives you a guarantee of repairs or refund for your money in case you are dissatisfied with the roller door that you have purchased.  You will have made a good decision in buying roller garage door for your space that any other type of door.

Electronic Gates for Your Peace of Mind

Electronic gates provide a good security option. Over the years, they have become very affordable. That means that a lot of people can now afford them. Electronic gates provide a few advantages over manual ones. The most important is that they can be operated remotely. This means that someone doesn’t have to stand by the gate to let people in and out. This is suitable for residential premises where the gate is opened only a few times. It saves you the trouble of having to hire a watchman. In commercial premises, it saves a lot of man power. People won’t have to waste time opening and closing gates manually. That time can be used to do other things. With electronic gates, you don’t have to worry about somebody forgetting to close it. This happens a lot and can be dangerous. Electronic gates also provide more convenience. You can open the gate while in your car with just the remote. This is especially preferred by people who get home late. You don’t have to risk getting out of your car to open the gate. You also don’t have to wake anyone to open the gate for you.

With an electronic gate, you can have additional security. You can have CCTV installed with the gate. This is suitable for business premises. It helps monitor who gets out and who comes in. There is a wide selection of electronic doors to choose from. All Doors and Electrical offers you electronic doors in different sizes and designs. You can get electronic gates for residential or commercial purposes. You can get electronic doors complete with remote systems. We provide installation services in Adelaide. If you want to get your electronic gate repaired, then we can do that too. We provide you with professional people to work with.

You can get electronic gates to fit your budget. Getting the right security does not have to be expensive. We offer you competitive rates for our services and products. Our electronic gates provide you with just the solution you need. You won’t have to worry about people gaining unauthorised access to your premises. You can get electronic gates in any material. You can also select the safety measures that work best for you. It all depends on your preferences. provides you with the best quality electronic doors in Adelaide. It is about time you stopped worrying about how to secure your perimeter. You can never go wrong with electronic doors.

Reliable Garage Door Installation Service

As you construct your new garage, it is important to ensure that it has the right door. This is important as it plays an important role in determining the functionality of your garage. It is also essential for the safety of your car. In order to have the best garage door, you need to hire qualified garage door installation experts. This is where All Doors and Electrical comes in handy. This is a reputable garage door installation company in Adelaide that offers high-quality and reliable garage door installation services. Given the important role played by garage doors, you should ensure that the people you engage have the required skills to give you quality services.

There are many reasons why you should hire this company. For starters, it is known to offer the best installation services. The company has put together a team of highly qualified garage door installation experts who will do everything possible to ensure that you are fully satisfied with the results. What is more, most of these experts have been in this business for more than seven years. Therefore, they have what it takes to offer you the best service. Since they have handled similar tasks before, they understand what needs to be done to make every project successful. You are rest assured that your garage door will be installed by individuals who have the necessary expertise.

It is also worthwhile to note that All Doors and Electrical offers a wide range of garage door installation services. For example, if you want to install an automatic garage door, this is the right place to source your experts. It is important to have an automatic garage door since you can move in or out of your car garage without the hassle of having to get out of the car to open and close the door. You can do it from the convenience of your vehicle. This is especially important at night or when it is raining.

You also need to understand that All Doors and Electrical employ the latest garage door installation technologies. These technologies have proved to be quite effective and reliable. They help experts to handle complex door installation tasks with speed and ease. Therefore, you are guaranteed to have your garage door installed promptly and accurately. The company also allows home owners to cut back on their spending by giving reasonable rates. So on top of enjoying quality services, you will have enough bucks in your pocket.

Automatic Gates – Improve The Safety Of Your Home

Gated communities have become rather common not only in Australia but also globally. There is an envisaged security and safety benefit that occurs with such communities. In such communities,automatic gates are the order of the day. Other than in gated communities, these gates are also widely used by home owners on long driveways. There are various reasons for the increased use of these gates globally ranging from safety, protection and style.

Today, crime levels have escalated across the world. While this can be attributed by the plummeting of the economy, there is need to ensure that you have the right protection. With security and safety, you can be able to engage in other areas of national building as opposed to from a hospital bed. To detour crime, automatic gates suppliers such as All Doors and Electrical can go a long way in enhancing your security. They can install fully operational automatic gates in the shortest time possible. With their affordable and reliable services, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be excited about this opportunity. Making use of new materials, their products and services are affordable than ever before. Given the fact, insurance companies are also offering discounts to those with electric gates, make sure to visit All Doors and Electrical today and order automatic gates.

The increased popularity and use of electric gates can be attributed to the fact that they offer:

There is an enhanced sense of safety and security in homes where electric gates have been installed. You can rest easily knowing that your children and pets can run and have fun immensely without escaping through the driveway. With these gates, you can be able to open the gates and secure the yard. As such, you don’t have to run out every time someone visits.

There is a certain degree of protection that you can get with automatic gates. You can be able to choose and determine who is to be allowed in. Without the swipe card or code, nobody can be able to gain access into your property. The ability to allow individuals to gain access at your own free will help control outsiders hence more protection.

Automatic gates add an impeccable style and luxurious feel to your home. They help add value to your home and property hence a better price on the market once you decide to liquidate. Increasingly, automatic dates are being used as part of landscaping design. Available in diverse designs, you can get whatever style you wish to complement your property.

Maintain Your Roller Shutters For A longer Life

All Doors & Electrical provides a wide range of roller shutter services which are geared towards ensuring that your roller shutters are in an impeccable state. It is for a fact that roller shutters provide a secure and robust barrier against intrusion and destructive climatic components. As such, they have gained popularity not only in Adelaide but across Australia.

Roller shutters are produced based on specific attributes that ensure they offer fit fantastically, offer smooth operation and utmost security. Due to their low upkeep, they are an undeniable when you’re especially looking for an economical solution to your problems. A product is only as good as you maintain it, shutters and doors alike require frequent checks and services to ensure that they’re in good working state.

A plethora of shutter companies in Australia offer a guarantee of 5 years on roller shutters purchased. This protects you as customer from faulty products and quacks who are out to get you money. Nevertheless, if you’d like to prolong the life shell of your shutters and get a greater return on investment, it’s essential that you have them maintained correctly through repair services by All Door and Electrical.

To ensure that your roller shutters are operating adequately, there are various aspects that should be regularly monitored. Checking for balance should be done at least monthly by skilled technicians from All Doors and Electrical, who are affordable, licensed and reliable. Your doors ought to be balanced, ensuring they’re smooth to roll up and down along the tracks. They should also be in position to remain stationers at any desired points along the tracks. If this does not happen, make sure to have them checked.

If your rollers are stiff or jammed, the best solution is not to crank them up by forcibly trying to raise or lower them. Trained technicians will be able to check individual parts and have them repaired right away to ensure functionality. At times, this is due to simple removal of accumulated dirt and debris.

More so, all moving parts of your roller shutters except the roller tracks should be lubricated monthly. Lubrication not only helps ensure smooth, secure and operational shutters but also disrupts operations if or when placed on the tracks. It also helps increase the life of your roller parts. Some of the areas that need regular lubrication include rollers, bearing, springs and hinges.

Application of a silicon spray is also a key feature to enhancing the life of your shutters. This helps encourage smooth and fairly operation.

Keeping Your Business Safe with High Quality Industrial Roller Doors

One of the ways of making sure that your business premises stays secure is by getting the right doors. The kind of industrial doors could make a lot of difference. Industrial roller doors are one type of doors that you can get. Roller doors are preferred for industrial use because they are simple. They provide the needed services without too much trouble. They usually just roll over to open and shut. This comes in handy when there is need for fast and easy access. When workers have to come in and out all the time, roller doors are the best option. When selecting industrial roller doors, you have to be sure that you doing it right. The material for instance is very important. Metal doors are usually more convenient. With metal roller doors, you won’t have to worry about constant wear and tear. When purchasing roller doors, you have to make sure that you get the most durable material. This ultimately saves you money. You won’t have to replace your industrial doors every now and then.

The controls on industrial roller doors are also something else to consider. You have to decide whether you want manual or automatic controls. The nature of the business will usually dictate this decision. There are some businesses that would benefit greatly from automatic functions. For instance, if you have loaders, they can’t afford to manually open and close the doors. The frequency of use is also something else. If the doors are only opened a few times, manual controls could work. You have to consider all these before deciding on the type of controls. You should also consider the amount of maintenance that the roller doors required. Get doors that will not cost you too much to maintain.

All Doors and Electrical is the perfect solution when looking to get industrial roller doors in Adelaide. We provide you with the highest quality roller doors. It does not matter what kind of business you are in. You can be sure that you will find just the roller doors you need. We understand just how important it is to keep your business premises tightly locked up. We provide you with different options for industrial roller doors. If you need to install new industrial roller doors in Adelaide, then we are the people to call. You can decide on any number of colours for your roller doors. We also offer repairs for all kinds of roller doors. All provides you with all the information you need.

Getting the Best Services in Door Repairs Adelaide

Are you looking for garage door repairs Adelaide? There are several things that you may want to have in mind before you engaged for any service provider. For a majority of people, once the garage doors breaks, they will quickly go online and make a hasty decision on a service provider. However, they would tell you that sometimes they end up frustrated.  You must be careful about choosing the person doing the repairs for you. Therefore, you must observe the following:

Skills and Experience

Every garage door repair Adelaide must be done by a skilled person. The door may have failed to function due to various reasons, most of which only a professional can fix.  Your garage door repair may include the following:

  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication and
  • Tightening of some loose tracks and springs

Further, the service provider should find out the kind of opener that your garage door has. A torsion spring needs to be handled by a professional due to the complications of doing the repairs. Little mistakes in doing the repairs in such kind of doors may have fatal consequences, and may sometimes necessitate you to buy a new garage door. A skilled person will be able to find out the exact problem and permanently fix it.

Time Keeping

Some of the service garage door repair Adelaide may delay in doing repairs for you. What could this imply? If you had valuables that you wanted to keep safe in the garage, you may end up losing them due to the delays. Therefore, you should always ensure that you have a service provider who is ready to do the repairs in good time.


You will not be happy to find out that there are some repairs that the service provider has ignored, though important. A good person in this regard will tell you all the repairs that are needed they are evaluating your door for repairs. Still, honesty is important so that you do not end up paying too much for the repairs.
When your garage doors breaks, sometimes you may be tempted to do the repairs yourself. However, depending on the make of your door and the amount of damage, you may need to search for a professional. You will need to make efforts in trying to find the best service provider in garage repair Adelaide.  Though you could use online sources, it is important that you ask for referrals from the people around you. Further, ask the service provider questions about their experience, skilled and try to establish whether they give you the correct details.

Buying Panel Lift Doors Online In Adelaide

Are you looking for panel lift doors Adelaide? You can find many shops around that stock different types and designs of these doors online. These shops have a catalogue of different designs of panel doors at different prices. You will therefore have a chance to find the door that is more appropriate for your space. With different innovations in the designs, panel lift doors could make your space beautiful and elegant. Various vendors will give doors a number of names such as trustile, tambour, v groove and custom design series. They will also classify the doors according to the functions; whether it is used in the exteriors or in the interiors.

While finding the best panel lift door Adelaide online, you should be guided by quality of the product. This means that you must go through various catalogues to try and find a door that is made from the best material. The door is frequently used and as such, should be made of a material that will last you for a long time. Further, you should consider the door that will be easy to use and that helps save energy. You can also find vendors who are ready to give you customised design, but only upon request. This necessitates you to give the online vendors the details that you need on your panel lift door Adelaide. From hence, depending on the efficiency of the vendor, you will receive your door within the time you have specified.

You should consider the price of the panel lift door Adelaide that is given in different catalogues. Online shopping helps you get to compare different prices. You may find the same quality of panel lift door being sold at different prices. You must always find the door that is sold at a reasonable price. Further, find out if there are discounts offered by different vendors in the market. If you are buying more than one panel lift door, ensure that you ask the vendors about the whole sale price. This way, you will end up saving more money during the purchases.

Purchasing panel lift doors Adelaide should be easy and must lead you to the best for your space. You must do a good research online to ensure that you get the most appropriate door for you. However, it is important that you have a rough idea of the type of door that you need, depending on the personal tastes and preferences. You must also consider the style that has been used to build your space so that you buy a door that rhymes with it.

Effective Security Roller Shutters Installation

When you are preparing to build a new house or improve the existing one, you need to take into account the possibility of installing security roller shutters. These units are very essential in modern houses. They play an important role of enhancing safety in the building. If you do not want to lose important items through burglary, you should consider enhancing the security of your building. One of the best ways to achieve this is to install security roller shutter in your house. The good thing is that there are special types of roller shutters that are very affordable. So you should experience any financial setbacks when you are purchasing your roller shutters.

However, you have a task of ensuring that your security roller shutters are installed professionally. This should not give you trouble as there are numerous companies and independent specialists who are specialised on this service. For instance, you can now find a reliable specialist to help you install your security roller shutters at This is a reputable company that is committed to offer reliable and effective door and electrical services to all clients. With this company, you are assured of a successful and smooth installation process. The company prides itself in having some of the highly qualified experts around. Most of the experts have more than ten years of working experience. Therefore, they have the required expertise and experience to install your security roller shutters more effectively.

On top of having the best roller shutter installation experts, the company is also known to employ innovative technologies in all its projects. Given the complex nature of the modern shutters, it is important to ensure the person you hire for the project has the required machinery to do the job right. You need to keep in mind the fact that the type of equipment and the expert uses goes a long way in determining the success of your project.

It is also important to note that All Doors and Electrical offers its clients a chance to make savings by providing them with the most reasonable quotes. Therefore, on top of enjoying reliable and effective security roller shutter installation services you will also be left with enough bucks in your pocket. There is nobody who does not love to get high-quality services in reasonable cost. The increasing cost of living has taught people to be careful with their budgets. You should also cut back on your spending by hiring an expert from All Doors and Electrical.

Roller Door Repairs Adelaide Experts

As a homeowner, you can’t run away from the fact that you need a garage door that works effectively and easily. Most conventional garage doors required a lot of energy and time to open and close. However, today things have changed as there are new and sophisticated roller garage doors designed to make the task of opening and closing them easier. You should therefore make your life more enjoyable and easy by installing one of these garage doors at home. Perhaps you are wondering how much money you will be required to spend installing this door. Well, the truth is that these doors are now available at pocket-friendly prices. So you shouldn’t worry about the cost of installing the door. In fact, what you should be worried about most is how to keep the door functional all the time.

Unlike conventional garage doors, the new models of roller garage doors require special tools and expertise to repair. Unfortunately, most of these tools are quite expensive to own. You will spend a considerable amount of money on these tools if you plan to repair your roller door by yourself. But you can easily scrap this cost by hiring professional garage door expert who is proficient with roller doors. Finding these experts is no longer a taxing affair as there are so many of these experts in Adelaide today. You only need to browse a few websites and you will surely find a list of experts who can repair your roller door.

Among the most reputable and reliable companies in Adelaide that offer this services is This company is known for its superior roller door repair services. It is also known to have some of the highly qualified and experienced garage door experts who will give you the best service. It feels safe to hire someone who has been in the industry for more than ten years. It guarantees you a smooth and successful process. Another important reason why you should hire your services from this company is the fact that they always have competitive rates. So you are guaranteed to save a few bucks at the end of the project. These experts will employ the latest technology to repair your roller door, thus make the project fast and more successful. It is also important to note that this company offers services to both big and small clients. Because of their low rates, their services are accessible by everyone.

Tips To Help You Get the Most Appropriate Garage Door for Your Home

There are many types of garage doors that you could buy. However, buying the most appropriate door for you could prove difficult. Sometimes, all you would need as a consumer is to have someone guide you through the available types of doors. Without a proper guidance, the vendors will allure you into buying a garage door that you will definitely regret about. So you may be asking: what is a good garage door? Well, the first thing to consider is quality of the door. You must never compromise when it comes to quality of the garage door; whether the door looks appealing for your home or not. This is because your garage may be used more often, sometimes storing valuables that could have heavy cost implications if stolen.

There are three main materials that are used to make garage doors. These are:

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Fibreglass

Choosing any of the above materials for your garage door depends on the style, design and the type of your home. However, which ever material used should be in a good quality so that it can last long for decades.

Most people will go for the overhead garage doors. This is because they have an automatic stop and amazing features. They are also easy to use, safe and have better options than many other garage doors. You will also no need to struggle to install such doors. If you choose a garage door made of wood, you may need to opt for hard wood so that the door will last longer. Other types of wood for a garage are affordable but may need to be replaced every often. Solid cedar, for example, will last for a very long time and will be appealing in any given space. One disadvantage of choosing wood as the material for your garage door is the need to keep refinishing due to the fact that they crack, contract and expand after sometime.

Steel garage doors remain one of the best options for the costumers. Apart from the fact that they have an appealing look, they will also last long without the need to be maintained. With the modern steel doors galvanised to prevent rust, you will find this type of garage door most appropriate for you. Finally, you could choose a garage door that is made of fibreglass. They are more appropriate for spaces that need to be highly lift and that have salty ocean climates. They are very easy to maintain and will last for decades without the need to be replaced.

It is more important that you get advice from a dependable dealer on the best garage door for you. You could contact for the best advice and supply of the garage doors. They will not only give you the doors at competitive prices, but also ensure that you get free deliveries and installations.

Important Tips About Garage Roller Doors

When buying a garage door, you need to buy something that is more than just a door. You need to buy a door that will assure you of the security of your vehicles. This should be a door that should prove hard for anyone to unlock especially in this times whereby robberies are on the rampant which basically your shield. You need to get yourself a door that sends shivers done the spines of robbers who would be interested in your car. The perfect door choice at your disposal is garage roller door.

Garage roller doors are specially made to ensure maximum security for you and your machine. These garage roller doors are made from high quality materials such as Colour bond steel, high quality hinges and modern Operating System that will ensure the door opens up and closes down at the push of a button.

Garage roller doors are easy to operate thus very effective. You only need to unlock the door and then push it upwards whereby it will roll up to the top of the door to open. Closing it is as easy as a b c, as all you are required to do is to pull it down and then re-lock it and your car will be secured. However, we are living in a world of technology where things are being automated to be controlled by buttons. Garage roller doors are not left behind as they can be automated to be controlled by a button. This adds to your security as you don’t have to get out of your car to unlock the door.

Garage roller doors are space conscious. They take up a very small space right behind the door opening. More to that, they roll up to the top most point of the door thus leaves you with enough space to your liking.

Garage roller doors are available in many different colours. This means you only need to go for a colour that will marry with the colour theme of your home.

Garage roller doors, unlike any other doors, it require little, if any maintenance. The doors are not subjected for breakages as you only get into contact with them when opening the door and when closing it. Moreover, this door posses a real threat to robbers since they are very difficult to be broken into and do not respond well to master keys.

The Benefits of Buying Roller Shutters in Adelaide

Your desire to have a peaceful night could well be achieved by installing roller shutters. These amazing shutters are designed to ensure that your have not only enhanced security in your home, but also brought about elegance in any given space. Originally, the roller shutters were used to save energy. However, the modern day roller shutters are used for many other purposes, including protection of valuables in homes.

The shutters are designed to form a hinge with an interlocking slat. This will obviously give you an adequate security in your home. Further, the roller shutter comes with benefits such as:

  • Ease of use
  • Smooth to operate
  • Simple on the eye

The roller shutters can be used in a number of setting including kiosks, commercial buildings, shops, windows among many others. They can be operated manually or electrically using remote controls. You also have the option of adding the manual overrides so that you can still operate the shutters even in cases of power blackouts. They also give an amazing barrier against heat so that you can maintain an appropriate temperature in your premises. Still, roller shutters could also be used to block fire to a certain limit.

Many people have used roller shutters to get the barrier from the noise. Therefore, in places where silence is mandatory, the roller shutters come in handy for you. You will have the benefits of maintaining that good air in your interior environment while using the shutters. This helps you remain healthy, something that many other doors will not offer you.

How and where do you get to buy the roller shutters? Well, there are a number of supplies in Adelaide who will sell to you these commodities. However, not everyone has the reputation of selling quality shutters. Further, some of the vendors will give you roller shutters Adelaide at exorbitant prices. As such, you must be careful about selecting a vendor who will give you quality shutters at discounted prices. You should start by contacting the most reputable dealer roller shutter dealer Adelaide dealer at

They have been known for years of experience in supplying quality products for many consumers. For them, maintaining a good reputation with the clients is paramount. As such, they give all the clients discounted prices for the roller shutters Adelaide. Still, do a follow up on all their clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the products that they have already sold. Contacting them for roller shutter doors will come with the benefits such as

  • Quality products
  • Discounted prices
  • Excellent services
  • Advice on installation of the roller shutters Adelaide
  • Free delivery of the roller shutters
Benefits of Installing Security Shutters in Your Home

These days, security shutters have become very popular in many homes and offices. This is in the wake to ensure you don’t take chances with your security as theft cases are on the rampant. Security shutters are mounted above windows and doors. They are usually rolled down to cover the door or window and rolled up to open the doors or windows.

With the rising cases of insecurity, security shutters should be a must have installation at your home. This would greatly help secure your home as 75% of break ins are made through the windows and doors. Securing these two openings would be a great stride in curbing the vice.

Security shutters are easy to operate. You only need to unlock it and then push it upwards to open the shutter. To close it, you pull it down and then relock it once again. With that done, you can be assured of the security of your house as it is very functional when it comes to keeping robbers off. With the digitalising of the world, security shutters have not been left technologically behind. Security shutters can be automated and controlled by use of a button. This means that you can close and open the doors and windows from the comfort of your seat.

Another major reason why you should consider installing security shutters at your home is due to their importance when it comes to matters of heat insulation. Security shutters are fully insulated. This means that they are capable of stopping 90% of heat from entering or leaving your house. Their effect is felt during summer as they play a key role of cooling your house. They are also good in stopping 70% of cold from entering or leaving your house. Apart from thermo insulation, security shutters prevent 50% of sound from leaving or getting into your home.

Security shutters are great importance when it comes to control of amount of light in your house. You can roll up or down to regulate the amount of light entering your house. Likewise, you can decide to roll up the shutters to allow for more ventilation, or roll them completely down to protect your privacy.

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Tips To Help You Choose the Best Panel Lift Garage Doors

Are you searching for panel lift garage doors? These amazing doors come in different designs and sizes and are available in many shops in Australia. As a consumer, quality panel lift doors should always be the guiding factor while selecting the vendor to buy from. It is always important that you install a door that will last for a long time thus saving you a lot of costs in the long run. The material that is used to make the panel door should guide you on the quality of the product. They should be reinforced especially in the case of larger doors. Still, you must be careful to take a panel lift garage door that is appropriate for your door size. You may need to be careful about this because not all doors are made in consideration with your specific door make.

It is important to check on the design of the panel lift door. These doors come in different designs, which may not all blend with the exteriors of your premises. You should also select a panel lift garage door that is easy to use, which calls for you to carefully examine the hinging system. Finally, you must never forget to consider the price charged for these doors. It is not every vendor that you find Australia where it is ready to give a good deal for such commodities. As such, you must take time to compare prices and get at least the most reasonable prices for the panel lift doors.

It is easy to find vendors in panel lift garage doors online. Most of these vendors will offer you a catalogue on prices that they charge for different sizes and qualities of the doors. Further, they will give you details on how you can contact them and buy the doors online. This saves you a lot of costs in searching for the doors and makes the purchase convenient for a majority of consumers. Still, there are vendors who offer free installation services and free deliveries for the doors.

One of the most sought for dealers in panel doors supply is All Doors Electrical. These are the only dealers who have been known to supply panel lift doors for a long time and as such, have gained experience in the field. They also offer the doors at discounted prices, something that a majority of dealers cannot compete with. With their excellent customer care services and warranty for their products, a majority of people have found it impossible to buy panel doors in other places. Contacting them for the supply of panel lift garage doors would an excellent choice for you to make today.

5 Reasons Why You Should Install a Garage Remote

A garage remote is a simple device that you should consider adding to your garage if you don’t have it yet. It may seem luxurious to some, but when you make use of it for some time, you find it awkward to go back to your old manual garage operation. It is surely a garage complement. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider owning one.

Garage remote can be used to stop the door from closing down in case there is an object on the path of the garage door. This is a preventive measure that would be of great help should such an accident occur. At times children may wonder around and get to some dangerous places without the parents knowledge. In case a child stands under an automatic door when it is closing down, this automatic stop would be the sent-from-heaven savior as it would prevent the door from crashing the kid.

Having a garage remote adds on to your safety when coming home especially at night. This is because you will not need to get out of your car to open the garage door. This is an opportunity that thugs would want to use to attack you when you get out of your car to open the garage, but you will be on the safer side since you only need to press a button for the garage door to open.

A door controlled by a remote control will be more secure than one that does not. This is due to the good reasons that a manually opened door will only require to be pulled for it to open. However, once you install a garage remote as your door opener, it becomes very difficult for other people to try to open it without a remote control. Thus, it is of paramount importance to operate your door using a garage remote.

Having a garage remote at your home adds the value of your home. Some people consider it a necessity and cannot operate without one. It would even be difficult for one to sell his/her home without installing a garage remote.

Using a garage remote saves time. This is because you can open the door from far thus not waste time fiddling with the keys. For more information, just visit the site of All Doors And Electrical then you will get all the information

All-Doors Offer: Free Remote with every Automatic Gate or Rollerdoor


All Doors & Electrical are offering FREE remotes with every upgrade or installation of Roller Doors and Automatic Gates!!

We’ve had a rush on enquiries for Automatic Gate installations and Automatic Roller Doors Everyone’s thinking about that long awaited upgrade to automate their doors as the summer season approaches and the weather is fine for their home improvements and renovations.

We are happy to offer a free Remote Activator or “Clicker” for your Automatic Gate or Roller Door Installation or Upgrade!

Automatic Gates and a nice clean new Automated Garage Door can provide an increase in property value while providing security, unparalleled convenience and a superior curb-side appearance for your property.

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This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer. Remote pictured for demonstrative purposes only, actual remote offered may differ. Offer valid only in South Australia. Offer ends December 31th, 2016.

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